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Missing This (Dom!Ethan Nestor x Sub!Reader)
This has some sexual themes in it! Just uh, a bit of a warning! (Doesn't go to far!)
... Sorry if this sucks... Haven't wrote something like this in a while. 
The dark blue light of the morning sky was just starting to peek through the window above the bed you lied in. The only reason something was off, was because you had been having a hard time trying to fall asleep. But it wasn't just a, 'I'm tired but can't sleep so I'm gonna stay up all night' Sort. No, if you were tired, you would lay in bed until you fell asleep because you were stubborn. But you would always wake up at random times at night. Maybe it was something bugging you during the night, maybe it was that you were to cold, maybe it was you were so used to having him by your side... You never really put to much thought into it.
The only thought that came into mind was, 'Now I have to fall asleep again...' But just as the dark blue light came into view of your tired and hurting eyes, you said forget it and got up. The
:icontiredbutsleepless:TiredButSleepless 13 0
Ethan Nestor X Reader: You Can't Improv Love
You halfheartedly sighed as you nervously shifted from foot to foot. Your brother, Mark, had somehow talked you into filming an improv video with him and his friends. It had been hilarious and a good time until you were put with Ethan and your darling brother was the one to give you the scene and to tell you when to change it. That wouldn’t have been an issue save for the fact that he knew how much you truly adored your blue-haired friend and how badly he wanted to see you two become a couple. So, as he practically smirked up at you, you couldn’t help but fidget with anxiety.
“You are madly in love with Ethan, and you just have to tell him.”
Your eyes widened slightly, and you forced a bittersweet smile to hide your sheer anger. Of course. Turning to your friend, you put on a dramatic tone and a nervous expression.
“Ethan, I… I need to tell you something.”
He pretended to look confused as he turned to fully face you. You swallow
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 39 9
SGW ~ Mark/Jack/Ethan x GN!Reader (Choice story!)
Quick warning:
    This story contains quite some swearing, but other than that, it's clear. Have fun reading!
    It was still a couple of days till Mark's birthday, but I decided to come over early anyway. Apparently, so did almost everybody else.
    Bob had made it here 3 days before me, Wade at roughly the same time. Ethan and Tyler were, of course, already here, and Jack actually made it the same day as I did... which was today... but anyway! The whole gang was here, and it was awesome. We'd hired out a room and put in a large table, large enough that everybody could fit on it at one time! As the birthday boy, Mark sat at one end of the table with my seat (which I currently didn't occupy) to his right, and Bob's seat to his left. On Bob's left sat Wade, and on my right sat Jack. Ethan also sat next to Jack while Tyler ended up sitting next to Wade.
    Unlike everybody else's, my seat was unoccupied because I'd taken it upon myself t
:icona-fangirly-dwagon:A-Fangirly-Dwagon 8 4
Ethan Nestor X Reader: Sorry Mom
“So, should I be expecting to see you back home tomorrow?”
Your mother’s sweet voice drifted through the speaker of your phone. The object was pressed between your shoulder and your ear as your hands fiddled with the leg of a chair you were attempted to put together. Ethan agreed to buy new furniture for the kitchen so long as you put it together. It seemed like a fair trade until you unfolded the instructions and found that they could pass as a flag. Squinting to focus on the last step you deciphered, you pulled the handle of the screwdriver from between your lips.
“Actually, Mom, I was kind of thinking about staying with Ethan.”
A shrill silence seemed to ring from the phone’s speaker, and you felt your chest tighten with dread. You had expected her to be upset, but a furious tone seemed to settle in the conversation. Her sharp breathing was the only thing indicating she hadn’t ended the call then and there. However, you wis
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 29 6
Ethan Nestor X Reader: But I Wanna Cuddle Now
You shuffled up the stairs, the fleece carpet of the steps soft against your bare feet as you stumbled slightly in your tired state. The house was shrouded in a protective bubble of silence save for the simple, almost nonexistent sounds of the ceiling fans or the TV quietly playing whatever was on. Rubbing your tired eyes, you shuffled towards where Ethan had been hiding away in his little recording studio all day. He was focused on editing the video Mark had sent him that morning, and he barely shifted at the feeling of your arms encircling his neck lightly. You leaned over the back of his chair and hummed quietly as your eyes fluttered shut.
“You’re still working..?”
He finished cutting out a part of the recording before taking your hands in his own and resting his cheek against yours.
“I just have this left.”
A sigh unintentionally escaped your lips, and he was quick to place a reassuring kiss to your jawline.
“It’ll only
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 29 9
Pirate UK x Reader x Prussia - Shanghaied: Part 5
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x Pirate Prussia fic
Shanghaied: Part 5

That's how you had come to be. You were numb to Captain Gilbert, to your surroundings... to yourself. Your hope began to diminish each day as you slowly began to realize that your only chance for freedom was floating miles away on a Spanish pirate ship. And seeing how you pissed off the Spanish captain, he probably wasn't gonna help you either.
It was degrading how little power you held here. Gilbert found that it was his duty to remind you of that every chance he got. Your own body had even betrayed you, becoming a weak, timid... aching mess. You felt like a puppet. And Gilbert was forever going to be your puppeteer, yanking on your strings as they dug into your skin, your limbs still resilient.
The Captain had locked you in his quarters today. Your wrists were shackled, chained to the wall. This was your punishment for refusing to eat the night before. You sat against the wall, driftin
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 432 350
Pirate Prussia x Reader x UK - Shanghaied: Part 4
Hetalia: Pirate Prussia x Reader x UK fic
Shanghaied: Part 4
"I implore you, try the wurst... it's delicious," Gilbert said. You were in his cabin, seated at his grand dinner table. There was a feast before you. And while your stomach longed to be filled, you wouldn't let yourself indulge.
"I don't have much of an appetite," you replied quietly, keeping your head down as you stared at your shaking hands. What hope did you have now? You had to escape. You had to get back to Antonio before he did anything to Arthur.
"Some pasta, perhaps? I doubt it's as good as little Roma's but—"
"I don't want anything but to be set free!" you cried. You were tired of putting on the strong face. All of this was too much for you. You weren't a pirate. You belonged in your own time, and you realized that now more than ever.
"Free? My dear, you're a woman and I'm afraid that you will never know freedom," h
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 276 146
Pirate UK x Reader x UK - Shanghaied: Part 3
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x UK fic
Shanghaied: Part 3

You didn't like this.
You didn't like this at all.
Granted, it could've been worse... but things were already pretty bad to begin with. After sweetly introducing himself to you, Captain Antonio sat back behind his desk and went back into pirate mode. You still had on Arthur's pirate jacket, and you wrapped it tightly around you. You didn't have much else on under your sleeping gown.
"So tell me, señorita... what was your business with Eyebrows?" he asked.
"My business? Well, I'm not his whore, if that's what you mean." Captain Beilschmidt chuckled behind you, sending chills up your spine.
"If not his whore, then what?" Gilbert asked, brushing his lips against your ear, making you blush.
Well, it's not like you could tell them that you were actually Arthur's girlfriend from the future! But you needed to get back to him, whatever the cost! What could you tell them? Antonio
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 351 137
Pirate!England x Assassin!Reader Part 2
Of Pirates and Assassins
Pirate!England X Assassin!Reader
After a while the shouting from the guards grew fainter.
When you finally reached the harbor, you quietly shimmied down the side of the building you had just leaped to and landed with a soft thud onto the cobblestone ground in a dimly lit alleyway.
You cautiously peeked your head out of the narrow alley, scanning the docks for any signs of the guards.
When the coast was clear, you casually stepped out and began to stroll through the small crowd as if nothing had happened.
You walked aimlessly along the docks darting in and out of alleyways and between crowds of people in an attempt to avoid the occasional guard that passed by.
You glanced beside you and surveyed the many ships that were docked at the port. There were ships of all sizes, ranging from tiny merchant ships to giant naval ships.
You walked along studying the vast array of ships until one in particular caught your attention.
It was a good sized ship w
:iconsnowfeather217:Snowfeather217 180 44
Pirate!England x Assassin!Reader Part 1
Of Pirates and Assassins
Pirate!England X Assassin!Reader
You walked slowly towards the grim wooden structure centered in the crowded town square. A fearful atmosphere permeated the air as people whispered fretfully amongst themselves as you walked by.
You rubbed your burning wrists against the thick rope that tightly bound your hands behind your back. Two navy guards walked anxiously beside you, their mistrusting gazes boring into you.
You finally got to the edge of the infernal wooden platform and looked up to see one of the higher ranking guards smirking down at you with a triumphant look gleaming in his eyes.
You scowled at him, only causing his smirk to widen as he grabbed you harshly and hauled you up onto the platform. He shoved you forcefully towards the gallows, standing in wait in front of you, causing you to stumble slightly, earning an amused laugh from your tormentor.
You ignored him, holding in a smirk.
'If he thinks I have any plans on dying today,' you
:iconsnowfeather217:Snowfeather217 385 64
Pirate UK x Reader x UK - Shanghaied: Part 2
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x UK fic
Shanghaied: Part 2

"Aren't you going to come out, love?" he asked. You huffed.
"I don't want to..." you replied.
"Now don't be shy," he teased. "If you don't come out, I'll just have to come in myself."
You walked out of the dressing room, your cheeks a bright crimson. You stood before him in a red and black Victorian gown. It wasn't awful... but you just never really cared for dresses. Though, luckily, it wasn't an immobilizing, poofy one.
He smiled down at you. "You look lovely," he sneered.
"You don't have any pants I could wear?" you asked, but your voice was pleading.
"A lady in pants? How absurd..."
You clenched your fists. "Listen, you damn pirate, I'm not—!"
The back of his hand collided with your cheek, immediately silencing you. You stared off, away from him. You couldn't believe it. Arthur would never—!
"Ladies do not wear pants and they most certainly to not use such language. Learn your place, my l
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 395 162
Pirate UK x Reader x UK - Shanghaied
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x UK fic

You furrowed your brow in confusion at the large door in front of you. This was unusual. Arthur almost always answered his door. You had always known him to be very prompt. Not to mention, you two were supposed to have a date. You reached for the handle and to your surprise, his door was unlocked. He always locked his door before leaving, so he had to be home. You opened the door and peaked your head in. "Arthur?" you called.
Nothing. You pouted. Where in the hell was he?! You let yourself in, shutting the door behind you. Suddenly, your phone went off and you pulled it out to check. Arthur Kirkland.
"Arthur?" you answered.
"________! Listen, I know we had a date today, but I need to cancel. I promise I'll make it up to you, love," he said. He sounded panicked.
"But I'm already here... where are you? And why wouldn't you just tell me in person?!"
"What?! Your inside?! Get out of here before he—"
:iconstacytheemo:stacyTHEemo 695 258
Pirate!England x Reader: Bookworm Ch.9
[A/N]: Sorry, not sorry. You're reading about pirates, hon. Here there be blood and illness and marooning and mentions of death and fighting, my friend. Not much, but seriously. Pirates. Duh.
Chapter Nine: Hypocrisy
Blood. There was blood seeping through Arthur's coat, dying the already red coat an even deeper maroon. You forgot to breathe. The Captain grunted in pain, but resolutely finished the job. The lifeless body of the attacker fell to the deck with a dull thump that rattled deep into your bones. If nothing else had done it before that moment, you now knew for sure that you weren't dreaming, and that you had somehow ended up stranded in a time very different from your own.
Alfred made a strangled, gasping cry from your bosom, where you held him close to your heart. Abruptly releasing the boy, you watched as he took up the fallen Navy sailor's weapon in addition to his own and began defending the injured Captain's b
:iconzennazffz:ZennazFFz 8 19
Pirate!England x Reader: Bookworm Ch.8
[A/N]: And here's where we actually get pirate-y, my dears. A touch violent and bloody… but if that makes you squeamish, I wouldn't recommend much more than skimming at the end of the chapter. The beginning is our usual PG, but leans towards PG-13/14 at the end. Didn't really feel like there was much need of a warning, other than this. I suck at fight scenes, by the way. I haven't had much practice writing them… >.
:iconzennazffz:ZennazFFz 11 15
Pirate!England x Reader: Bookworm Ch.6 POINT FIVE
{A/N} Because I didn't know how to start chapter six, this is what I had planned for it originally, but I decided wouldn't work for how I needed the story to flow… So consider this something like a cross between a deleted scene and an OVA. Just a little drabble, here. Short and sweet.
Chapter Six POINT FIVE: What Might Have Been This Chapter…/ Making the Bed
That first night you spent locked away in the Captain's cabin. Allistair came by at meal times to feed you and make sure that you hadn't hurt yourself, but it was only for so long. As soon as you had crammed the last morsel into your mouth, Allistair had to run back to his duties, leaving you alone in the room once more. You had been dreading the arrival of the Captain after he had caught you bawling your eyes out, but he never entered... as far as you knew.
If he came in, you never heard it. And he wasn't there when you woke up that next morning. Of course, you had never gone a
:iconzennazffz:ZennazFFz 7 3
Pirate!England x Reader: Bookworm Ch.6
There was originally going to be quite a different beginning to this chapter, but I decided against it. I may post that other “chapter” as “.5” of this chapter, but honestly, it wasn't going where I needed it to… Yeah. That's all.
OH! And “translations” for Scottish (and whatever else I feel like) slang in the description, if you have troubles. It's all in order of when it appears, so yeah. Again, let me know if that's too irritating!~
Chapter Six: Opening Closed Doors
You were sick of this. Completely, totally, utterly sick of it. After being aboard for only a day, you could confidently say that no, a pirate's life was NOT for you. The constant motion of the ship – though soothing when you were trying to sleep – was beginning to frustrate you because you couldn't stay standing in a full, upright position for too long. The food – as was to be expected – was
:iconzennazffz:ZennazFFz 9 14


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