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Kenny x Reader - Remembered?

Dear Lovely Readers,

OK so this is my first ever fan-fiction, please go easy on me. It might be rubbish so I'm sorry, I promise my next one will be better and if you have any advice please comment below. Thanks love you guys!
From yours truly,

Reader P.O.V

"Kenny, watch out!" I cried, desperately trying to reach him in time to save his life. I could hear a voice in the back of my mind saying that I wouldn't be able to reach him in time, that it was pointless to stop my first ever crush from venturing into the mysterious world of the after life. I didn't want to believe it and pushed it away but it just kept getting louder and louder.
"You can't reach him in time you know..." it bluntly said. No emotion could be gained from it, it was fully monotone.
"No." I whispered, tears welling up upon the surface of my (e/c) eyes as I saw the uncontrolled vehicle get ever closer to Kenny
:iconangel4life001:Angel4Life001 217 228
Kenny X Lifeguard!Reader
Kenny is like twelve, so are the rest of the boys.
Today was the hottest day in South Park, and Stan had the idea to go to the public pool. He invited his friends Kyle, Token, Butters, Jimmy, Cartman, and Kenny. They all decided to meet there as soon as possible, and just hang out.
The public pool they were going to was different from every other pool. It only allowed preteens of the age eleven up and young adults up to twenty-four. It was a very unique pool, since it didn't allow any adults or children.
Of course that wasn't the only reason they wanted to go, there was another. That other reason was (Name) (Last Name). She was an seventeen year old girl, who was working at this pool. She wore a red tight one piece that treated her curves her perfectly, and her beautiful long (h/c) hair was tied into a ponytail.
They all had a crush on her, but the biggest was Kenny. He was full head over heals for her, all he wanted was a kiss, that's it. A kiss or a hug would be satisfactory.
:iconanimewhofan001:animewhofan001 96 26
South Park One Shot (Tweek x Reader)

Those Damn Gnomes! 
You were talking to your best friend Tweek at his house.  At 3:00 in the morning. "(Y/n)! ACK! T-They t-took t-them a-again!" Tweek pointed behind you at the gnomes. You turned and glared at them. They were the reason you had to get up at 3:00 and come over. You marched over to the gnomes and picked one of them up. "I'll give you my underwear I'm wearing now If you give me a pair of Tweek's." 
        They whispered among each other deciding whether or not they should except your offer. "We have made a decision. The answer is no!" "Fine. I'll just beat you all with a shovel then." They all paled and backed away. "Never mind! You can have them!" They all dropped the underwear and ran away. Well except one. "So your the one the blonds in love with?" You blushed. "W-what?" 
        "You didn't know? He talks abou
:icontweek123:tweek123 90 7
The Bet [South Park X Reader]
"If you think about it, there is no way Cartman can come up with anything that bad guys."
Walking in the light fall of snow, your nose chilled from the cold air that seeped around your hood.
Your hands were nestled deep in to your jean's pockets, chunks of snow pushing up onto your shoes from your dragging feet.
"There's just no way he could be that demented…right?"
You have to admit, you were a little more than nervous. You knew when you took that bet with the fat ass he was going to pull some kind of stunt like this.
Well you couldn't be farther away from the truth.
The game of Mario Cart he had challenged you to was rigged. He gave you a controller with some dud batteries and then had the audacity to take the chance to wrap you around his chubby little finger.
Now here you were, on your way to meet him in front of Kenny's house, no idea what sick shit he has in store for you.
"Are you stupid _______, Cartman is fucked up. He'll probably make you eat dog shit or something."
:icondefective-technology:DeFecTiVe-TeChNoLoGY 29 8
Mature content
Hearts Of Gold (South Park + Douchebag x Reader) :icongothicxkiki:gothicXkiki 29 35

CHAPTER 8: Damien is back
I sighed as my head hit my desk. (Name) chuckled as she pattered my head.
"What's up Sim?" She asked her beautiful (eye color) eyes with confused and amusement.
...Wait what? I can't be thinking about that... I can't fall in love. I smiled and gave her a nod. Trying to find out who (Name) is can be really hard.
"I'm having a birthday party coming up this Saturday would you like to come?" she asked.
"Sure I would love to."
'This is perfect. Maybe I could find some info on her.'
"Okay class settle down... now once again we have a new student. So treat him well okay?"
"Now he was with before back in Elementary school... Does anyone remember Damien?"
"oooh yeah," The class nodded.
"He was cool," Cartman chimed.
"Hello guys," the boy Damien said....
Wait Damien....? The prince of darkness son? I looked over to (name) who seemed to know the kid. Then back at Dami
:iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 12 8
Harvesting- Chapter 3 (Onceler x Reader)
    As you can guess, breakfast was very…awkward, to say the list. Pancakes were eaten in tense silence, the only sound being heard my rapid heart beat and Gracie licking her unmentionables.  Every now and then, I’d steal a quick glance at Onceler, as if making sure his eyes hadn't changed while I wasn't looking.
    It doesn't make any sense, I thought, grabbing the truffula syrup and pouring the murky liquid over my flapjacks. How could that sweet, innocent Onceler I’d come to know suddenly turn into…that? When he came to my farm, he was in tears...but which one of him was crying? The logical choice would be the shy, blue-eyed Onceler, seeing as that one seemed more in tune with his emotions (Maybe a little too in tune, if you catch my drift). And yet, I think the bolder, green-eyed version of him could have also been crying that night. But why...?
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 119 74
Harvesting- Chapter 2 (Onceler x Reader)
    “Like this, _______?”
    “No, you dope! Like this!”
    About a month had passed since I last met the Onceler. This infamous villain had been known for slaughtering of the trees for both profit and other personal gains.  Since his arrival, he had made smiley-face pancakes, practically inhaled three packs of marshmallows, and was currently helping me to trim a truffula tree, all the while wearing my frilly, pink apron. He insisted on wearing it to help keep away, and I quote, the “creepy crawlies”. Isn’t he in his twenties?
    I was standing behind him, hands firmly planted on my hips, coaching/scolding him through trimming a truffula tree by himself for the first time. I’ve never had a kid, but I think this is a lot how potty-training a toddler is.
    When I first told him we were gonna do some small pruning, guess what toll he
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 116 55
Harvesting (Onceler x Reader)
    Beep beep. Beep beep. 
    The melodious song of your alarm clock blared beside you, the mere volume of the sound shaking the nightstand. With squinted eyes, you fumbled around in the darkness for your glasses. You pushed them up the bridge of your nose and looked at the time. Six in the morning. Fan-flippin'-tastic.
    Silencing the noisy device, you stood, running a hand through your messy (h/c) locks. I hadn’t intended to get up this early, especially on a Saturday, you thought to yourself, tired beyond belief.
    For the past few weeks, you’d been working tirelessly to care for your truffula farm. These eerie-looking clouds have been floating by lately, and all of the neighboring farmers down south had been telling you tales of woe about their now-massacred truffula trees.
    “Truffula tree killings? Who would do something like that?” You
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 175 30
KnT - 111 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 7,084 453 KnT Characters :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,719 0 KnT - 120 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 5,137 441
Tom x Fem!Reader x Tord - Academy of first love
Whether it's acadecmics or athletics, I'll admit I'm pretty hopeless
But when it comes to my feelings for you, the class prez, I'm sure I am first!
Now I made up my mind to write you a love letter of 7100 words
But the only problem is, I'm too scared to give it to you!

'What have I gotten myself into...?'
Tom was desperate. The letter was done,but he was too scared to give it to his best friend.
He sighed and looked at her.
(Y/n) (L/n). Such a beautiful girl. So perfect. So pure.
He shaked his head and went to his locker.
"Hey, what are you doing over there?
Hey, if there's something to say...Hurry and spit it out!"

Tom jumped in surpise and turned around to see (Y/n)
"So, um, hey um, what was it?
Today's a lovely day, wouldn't you agree?
It makes me happy that it's so peaceful around here"

(Y/n) looked suspicious. 'Just what the hell is Ridgewell hiding?'
Then she noticed the letter behind his back.
"Is there a reason that you're shaking like this?
And furtherm
:iconiceysaur:IceySaur 22 14
Eddsworld x reader
    You yawn as you sit up in your bed, wiping the sleep from your eyes. The house was surprisingly quiet. Your roomies should be up already. What time was it, anyways? You look over to your nightstand, eyes widening as you realize it was 5:30 am. Yeah, your roommates aren't awake. Good thing it was Saturday. No school or work. Nope. Just you and your bed. You snuggle back into your blankets, closing your eyes and trying to slide back into dream land. Though your attempts were in vain, they didn't seem to work. You shuffle around in your blankets, slipping off your bed and landing your feet onto the smooth, cold, hardwood floor. You sighed, walking across the creaky floor and out your door. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, looking out the window. Still dark out. You walked over to the pantry and took out some bread. You got some eggs from the fridge and a bowl from god-knows-where. You cracked the eggs into the bowl, using a fork to whisk and mix the yolk and
:iconthingydoddle55:Thingydoddle55 92 44
Eddsworld x Reader Pt.4 - A Great Morning
    (Your POV)
You woke up early and looked at the time. It was 11:45 in the morning,the sun was rising and where ever the sun touched was a beautiful orange color. You got up and stretched and went to the kitchen to make food for everyone. You started the bacon and eggs and set everything on the table. 
When everything was set and the food was made, it was time to eat some food. "Hey guys! Breakfast is ready!" you called out then you hear footsteps from upstairs.
    (Tom's POV)
Started to wake up when I heard a voice, "Hey guys! Breakfast is ready!", it was (your name) calling to us from down stairs then I need that Tord the idiot would get there first. I got up as fast as I can and left my room and went down stairs where (your name) was at. She turned and looked at me with a smile...A beautiful smile that I never seen before..The sun fitted perfectly though the window behind her. I was like looking at a smiling..beautiful angle...
"Hey Tom,you ok?" (you
:iconshadowcamille56:ShadowCamille56 4 9
Eddsworld x Reader pt.3 - Sleep Over
 (Your POV)
You thought for a minute and looked at them. Matt had a puppy face (Aww Matt XD). "You know what...I guess staying over for one night wouldn't hurt" you smiled, Edd and his friends were happy and so you went to their house for the night.
(Tord's POV)
When we got back to our house after we went back to (y/n) for her get some clothes for tonight. We all decided to watch a movie and maybe show (y/n) around our for a bit.
She got in her pj's while me and my friends were out in the living room watching the previews. She came out of the bathroom in her (your favorite pjs) and I had to admit, she was pretty cute and I wasn't the only one thinking about it. (OH NO XD)
We all smiled at her, she tilted her head to the right in a cute way.
(Your POV)
They all smiled at you and you wondered why, "What?" you looked around you, "What are you guys smiling at?" "Nothing" they replied. You shrugged it off and sat on the floor in front on the couch, "Why are you sitting down there?" Edd
:iconshadowcamille56:ShadowCamille56 9 9


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